Gas ranges operate fairly simply. Most of the malfunctions that affect gas ranges involve the supply and ignition of gas to the burners and the oven. Gas stove have a shut off valve (source of gas) to flex steel line, connected to a pressure valve, than routed to the burner valve (4 knobs) each valve supply gas to the 4 burners. The burner valve also activates the electronic ignitor to light the burner when turning on the gas. The flame is fueled by LPG gas and is ignited by an internal lighter as soon as the gas begins to mix with the air. The newer stoves require 115 V. Electricity to operate. The older stoves, uses 2 pilot lights to light the burner, thru a series of feed tubes to route gas to light burner. It is thru pin hole (on the burners) that gas escapes, thru the tubes toward the pilots and when gas reaches the pilot light. Fire flares up on the burner.




Faulty igniter

Test temperature sensor

Test safety valve

Test selector switch

Pilot light is out



Faulty igniter

Temperature sensor

Test safety valve

Test selector switch

Pilot light is out



Check the door lock is not bent or misaligned

Test door lock

Test door position switch

Test elements



Test the fan motor

Check the fan for obstruction



Replace light bulb

Test door switch

WARNING: Disconnect power before removing any parts from the oven. If you are not comfortable doing any of these tests yourself, than you should get a technician to check the appliance for you.

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