We use the following shipping company to send your timers back to you.



24/7 customer support – Once your parcel reaches the border it is delivered by UPS.

American Customers: Please be sure to use the United States Postal Service to mail your timer to us as the Courier companies will charge a brokerage fee that we will regrettably have to pass on to you. When using the US Postal service the priority mail delivery from the US to Canada is fast and reliable and they do not charge duties or customs fees as long as you declare the timer value at less than $30. You will not be charged duties or taxes, when we send your timer back to you by courier.

We do not charge any handling fees. We only charge you what it costs us for shipping to send your timer back to you.

In the unlikely event that our courier loses your shipment, we will refund your invoice amount but we are not liable for the cost of a replacement timer.

We make no promises nor imply exact delivery times on any shipment. We strive to provide top quality customer service and works hard to ship all orders as soon as possible.

We are not responsible for damage our Carriers. If there’s damage, contact the Carrier directly. (Retain original carton for inspection)


It is important to wrap and package your electronic clock carefully prior to shipping. If you are using bubble wrap to package your timer make sure to loosely wrap paper towel or newspaper around the clock first. Do not use Styrofoam to package your electronic clock as this can create static build-up which could further damage the clock.