We repair Electronic Clocks, Electronic Control Boards and Mechanical Timers for ranges, washers, dryers, refrigerators and dishwashers for most of the major appliance brands.

With our large volume of repaired mechanical timers that we have in stock, we are able to offer you the convenience of shipping timers out the same business day. (When ordered by 1:30 P.M. EST)

We also have a large volume of recycled mechanical timers which we are able to get repaired and shipped out by the following business day. A $50.00 refundable core charge is added to all timers shipped from our stock.

If we don’t have your mechanical timer in stock then it will have to be sent in for repair.

All Electronic Clocks and Electronic Control Boards have to be shipped in for repair. See Electronic Range Timer List

Since 1980 the name Turner’s Timer Repair has provided our Customers with quality products and exceptional service, throughout Canada and the United States. Our Appliance Timer Repair Experts include some with over 35 years of experience. Our success is contributed to our Manufacturing Services, Reverse Logistics, Engineering Services and Quality Analysis.

With the investment in our own tooling to custom fabricate parts that are no longer available, we are able to service timers that have become obsolete and are no longer available. This provides our customers with the option of repairing their timer which saves them money for they do not have to buy a new appliance. The benefits also results in helping the Earth’s Resources by reducing our landfills.

The savings are also past on, as most Appliance Manufactures only warranty new parts for 90 days, whereas our repaired timers for domestic use are guaranteed for 1 year.