Today most of the major appliance retailers only offer a 90-day warranty on Brand New Timers. At Turner’s Timer Repair we provide a 1 year warranty (Residential use) and a 3 month warranty (Commercial Use) whether we repair your timer or replace it from our stock.


Turner’s Timer Repair warrants appliance timers against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for the duration of the warranty period. If a timer defect arises, Turner’s Timer Repair will either repair the failed appliance timer or exchange the failed timer with a repaired part that is at least functionally equivalent to the original timer. The repaired or replaced part assumes the remaining warranty from the sale of the original part.


Warranty timers are not subject to a refund, we will repair or replace faulty timer at no charge. You only have to pay for the postage to ship the warranty timer to us.

If the failed timer is not repairable we refund an amount that is equal to the remaining unused months left on the warranty.

Any electronic clocks that Turner’s Timer Repair inspects and has been determined to have nothing wrong with them will be charged an inspection fee and the return shipping costs. No warranty will apply.

Turner’s Timer Repair’s warranty covers only the work performed by us on the original defect. Our obligations under this warranty are limited to the repair by us that prove to be defective, and will not exceed the amount the customer has paid to Turner’s Timer Repair.

Turner’s Timer Repair will not assume any responsibility for:

Improper diagnosis, installation, Abuse, misuse or tampering by unauthorized persons.

The warranty is non-transferable.

Damages resulting from shipping or packaging.

Electro static discharge, lightning, flood, fire, earthquake or any other external causes.

In no event are we liable for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages arising from repair work performed by others on our timer products.

This warranty only applies to the repair and/or replacement of the serviced timers, Turner’s Timer Repair shall not be held liable for any indirect or incidental loss or damage that may be, in any way, related to a component we serviced.

If a part arrives damaged, contact our customer service line immediately so we can correct the situation.


The information in this website contains POSSIBLE REPAIR SOLUTIONS. This information is intended to assist customers in troubleshooting the possible problems that your appliance might be having. The information comes from a variety of sources and therefore in no way implies or suggests that this will be a guaranteed solution for your problem. They are merely a guide to help to assist you in troubleshooting your appliance. Any parts that are purchased in the effort to fix your appliance, that do not solve your problem is the sole responsibility of the consumer. Timers that are repaired or purchased from Turner’s Timer Repair are NOT RETURNABLE and our normal warranty policy will take effect.


Exclusions and limitations

This Limited Warranty applies only to the appliance timer part that was provided by or repaired by Turner’s Timer Repair. We are not responsible for damage arising from failure to follow instructions relating to the part’s use or due to improper installation.

This warranty does not apply: to damage caused by abuse, misuse, flood, fire, earthquake or other external causes or if any serial number has been removed or defaced.

This limited warranty does not extend beyond the appliance timer itself. To the extent permitted by law, Turner’s Timer Repair is not responsible for direct, special, incidental or consequential damages resulting from a failure or problem with the warrantied part. This exclusion includes, but is not limited to, any loss of revenue, loss of actual or anticipated profits, loss of opportunity and damage to other appliance components or any other property. This warranty does not include the cost of removal or reinstallation of the timer.

Turner’s Timer Repair does not claim that it will be able to repair or replace every part under warranty since certain parts may be beyond repair and in some cases replacement parts will no longer be available.

If a Warranty timer is sent in for repair and Turner’s Timer Repair tests the timer and determines that nothing is wrong, the timer will be returned to the customer without any repairs conducted and the customer is responsible for the shipping costs. Turner’s Timer Repair is deemed to be the authoritative expert in determining whether a timer is in proper working order and Turner’s Timer Repair opinion is final.

Obtaining Warranty Service

To obtain warranty service we recommend contacting Turner’s Timer Repair by phone prior to sending in your timer for repair so that we can ascertain whether the problem is likely to be caused by the timer. Contact us at 1-888-246-4637 or fill out an Information Request. If the timer is deemed to be a potential cause of the failure you will be requested to send the timer to the following address for testing and repairs.