All of our repair prices are the same whether we fix your timer, or you order a timer from our stock. Timers ordered from stock will include a $50.00 core charge which will be reimbursed when your faulty timer is returned.

When we are unable to fix your timer there is no repair charge. We will recycle the timer if you do not wish to have it returned. If you require that your timer be returned to you, then you only have to pay the cost for the return postage.

Any Electronic Range Timers that are found to have nothing wrong with them will be charged the inspection price plus the cost of return postage.

The Inspection Fee does not apply to any Miscellaneous Electronic Boards when the board has been repaired and charge the repair price. This fee only applies when we have examined the board and found nothing physically wrong with it. What it does, is it lets you know that the problem could be the microprocessor on the board or another component in the appliance.


Mechanical Timers are subject to wear; they always have to be repaired, therefore an inspection price does not apply.

Timer DescriptionRepair PriceTesting FeeInspection Fee
Electronic Range Timers$130.00$65.00N/A
Dim DisplaysElectronic Range Timers (Dim Displays)$190.00N/AN/A
Electronic Control Boards$130.00 to $190N/A$65.00
Refrigerator Board$130.00 to $190.00N/A$65.00
Dryer Board$130.00N/A$65.00
Range Relay Board$130.00N/A$65.00
Dishwasher / Washer Board$130.00N/A$65.00
Furnace Board$130.00N/A$65.00
Mechanical Range Timers$130.00N/AN/A
Mechanical Washer Timers $85.00N/AN/A
Mechanical Dishwasher Timers$85.00N/AN/A
Mechanical Dryer Timers$70.00N/AN/A
Miscellaneous Mechanical
Washer, Dryer and Dishwasher Timers
$85.00 to $130.00N/AN/A
Relays and Switches$50.00 to $60.00N/AN/A
Mechanical Oven Door Lock$90.00 to $100.00N/AN/A
Mechanical Push to Start Selector Switches$80.00 to $90.00N/AN/A

Additional charge will occur for missing parts, for casings or touch pads that needs to be replaced.

(US Dollars accepted at par.)

If you have any questions or need Technician pricing, call us at 1-888-248-4637